The Practice of Effective Communication in Business Etiquette

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The Practice of Effective Communication in Business Etiquette Including Nonverbal and Verbal Communication
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This essay discusses the importance of effective communication in business, and the attributes that help build or tear down the communication process. This essay begins with discussing the role of non-verbal communication plays in presenting a professional image. The essay goes on to describe in detail, different kinds of non-verbal communication. Next the essay explains the limits of non-verbal communication, and compares the differences and notable contrasts between verbal and non-verbal communication. The role of verbal communication is described, along with different ways that different kinds of verbal communication is interpreted. Finally, this essay describes how verbal communication must be modified for different people, since difference groups will respond differently to the same spoken words. LESS THAN 120 WORDS

Introduction to Effective Communication
Communication is the lifeline of business. Representatives must communicate with customers. Suppliers must communicate with buyers. From CEOs, to managers, to the remote employee unloading crates in warehouses, communication is the key to success. Wherever the chain of communication breaks down, it is there that effectiveness ceases. Since communication is an irreplaceable key to any business's success, it would stand to reason that the level of effectiveness in communication will either enhance or diminish business operations. What then, are the traits that make communication effective or ineffective in a business? It is this question that I intend to address. Importance of Non-Verbal Communication

In the early 1960’s, a Professor Mehrabian from University of California theorized that as much as 93% of our communication is non-verbal. To find support for his theory Mehrabian and his team of researchers conducted a series of experiments with focus groups, asking them to try to identify the mood and thought behind what a person said. One group was given audio recordings of a female voice saying the word “maybe” in a number of different tones. A second group was given a variety of photos depicting a range of different facial expressions. In the study, the people who looked at the pictures were more accurately able to guess the mood of the individual, than those who listened to the audio clips (Mehrabian, 2007). We can see that non-verbal communication plays such a large role in influencing the way we perceive a person's mood and emotions. This would imply that our overall view of others, or another person's view of us, is largely dependent upon the non-verbal image that we present to others. The implications of this finding are tremendously important when it comes to business. We have all heard expression first impressions are important, but so is the continuing image that we portray. Types Non-Verbal Communication

In business etiquette, it is important to portray the proper image in order to communicate professionalism. In order to communicate this professional image, there are a variety of attributes that a person must consider. One important attribute to consider is that of dress. Dress is so important to a person's or company's image, that some workplaces require a certain dress code to communicate their professional image. "In the United States and Canada, certain styles and colors of clothing are considered more 'professional' and more 'credible.' In Dress for Success, John T. Molloy tells readers what clothes carry nonverbal messages of success, prestige, and competence" (Locker, 2008, p. 56). Maintaining proper eye contact, when conversing with others, is another attribute of effective non-verbal communication. In 2000 the Westchester Country Business Journal published an article entitled, Market yourself through body...
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