The Practice of Borrowing Amongst High School Students of Southpoint School

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Borrowing items – school supplies, clothes, gadgets, books, etc. – have been considered normal for everyone especially in high school. For teenagers, it is observed that they usually borrow whenever they lack the needed items. “May I borrow – ?” is one of the most common phrases you will hear in a classroom. It is quite alarming actually when you realize that most teenagers have developed a tendency to rely on others when it comes to the needed items.

Teenagers generally borrow when they need it, they like it, or they find it amusing. Usually, at the beginning of the school year, most teenagers have the required school materials. But as the school year progresses, borrowing becomes more and more evident. When it comes to clothes, gadgets, and other luxuries, teenagers tend to borrow based on their preference or personal taste.

Borrowing has become a second nature to most teenagers. It does have its advantages. Borrowing lessens expenses especially for materials that might be need once or for only a short period of time. Borrowing may also help in identifying if one really wants a certain item. The disadvantages of borrow are quite significant. Lending someone something may not always guarantee that it’ll be returned. The more valuable an item, the more it needs to be returned in absolutely perfect or good condition.

Borrowing, the habit of temporarily using an item with a promise of returning it, has its benefits. But, its negative side effects and numerous possible damages are not to be neglected. The habits that teenagers have during their teen hood will be very vital in their adult life. Compared to teenagers, adults have more opportunities in borrowing, especially regarding money. Determining the borrowing habits as early as possible may help prevent possible mishaps in the future.

Almost everyone will borrow money from a bank at one time or another during their lives. When you borrow money from a bank, the bank charges interest on the sum you borrow, which is a cost you must pay in addition to paying back the original amount you borrowed. Borrowing money from a bank can have several advantages and disadvantages (Hamel).

Sometimes when things are tight and you find yourself needing a load, it’s tempting to grab the closest source of credit you can fine. Your credit card, for example, is an easy way to borrow, but you can be a double-edged sword if you end up defaulting on payments and getting bad credit history (Aragona, 2012).

Borrowing school supplies has become “uso” especially to people who don’t want to buy their own materials. It has become annoying to the people who actually spend hard earned money on materials that might not be usable anymore once it’s returned (Aquino, 2012).

Statement of the Problem

1. How often does a student borrow?

2. What items are commonly borrowed? (Top 5)

3. What gender borrows the most?

4. How often are the items returned?

5. What is the common condition of the items returned?

Definition of Terms

Borrowing – temporary use of something that is not yours.

Practice – the habitual act of doing something.

High school students of Southpoint School – the primary respondents of this research.

Scope and Limitation

The researcher’s study is focused on the borrowing habits of the high school students in Southpoint School. They interested on how often does a student borrow, what items are commonly borrowed, what gender borrows the most, how often are the items returned and what is the common condition of the items returned.

Significance of Study

This study will be of great significance to the following:
Students. This study will be useful to them since they will be informed of the borrowing habit of their peers. They will also know what items are commonly borrowed. They will be informed of what are the possibilities of it being...
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