The Practical Use of Strategic Planning

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  • Published : February 21, 2013
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Strategic planning is something that needs to be used everyday in the health care industry. I will be comparing Assisted Living Facility (ALF) and Our Children Deserve the Best (OCDTB) for the two facilities. The purpose of this paper is to review two strategic plans, including differences, key elements, goals and strategies, mission/vision, and barriers to each of their success. Having a plan by strategically planning is a must in the health care field.

With any health care facility you will probably see things that are similar as well as differences. The mission for ALF talks about the goal of the company being able to provide a catering environment for anyone needing assisted living and around the clock medical and living support. They are also committed t providing a safe and secure home environment for their patients. And the management will ensure the facility complies with the local, state, and federal regulations that are set in place for assisted living services. (ALF, 2011) The other facility that I chose has a much shorter mission, and they are working with children verses disabled or elderly patients. The mission for OCDTB talks about how they believe that have unique needs and that they should grow up without illness or injury. They go on to say that with the help of the community and through their spirit, they will prevent, treat and eliminate disease. (OCDTB, 2006) These two facilities differ because they rely on different places for getting help to ensure that they are able to succeed with their mission.

ALF is committed to assisting patients that need help with everyday living. They are there to help developmentally disabled people to live a happy and productive life. They also take their patients out of the facility so that...
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