The Power Transition: a Retrospective and Prospective Evaluation Summary

Topics: International relations Pages: 4 (862 words) Published: October 23, 2011
The Power Transition: A Retrospective and Prospective Evaluation Kugler and Organski

*Introduced in 1958

*Gauge impact of Power Transition Theory on the field of international politics through:
1. Has the new construct, model, idea, or theory provided an explanation more powerful and more parsimonious than what existed previously?
2. Has this way of looking at the problem proven more valid than the alternatives?
3. Has the new idea influences the creation of other ideas and the undertaking of new work?
4. Are such extensions successful?

Rejects 3 fundamental assumptions of the realist angle:
1. International system is governed by few rules (anarchy). PTT: no anarchy, but hierarchically organized in a manner similar to the domestic political system. Actors accept position
2. PTT: Rules for governing domestic and international were fundamentally similar. But there is no enforceable international law. Constant competition for scarce resources.
3. International competition driven by potential net gains accrued from conflict or cooperation.
-balance of power: max power/ power transition: max net gains

*Perspective of hierarchy
-Dominate nation at top of pyramid (not us, before England)
-Great powers: cannot match dominate now, but may in the future. Eventual challenger to dominate included
-Middle powers
-Small powers

*Power is a critical variable shaping the way international order functions. (not power-max model) *Satisfaction with the way goods are distributed is determinate of how smoothly the international order operates. * Nations supporting the international order ally with dominant nation.

-alliances are stable and reliable instruments. Cannot be easily altered short run. *If dissatisfied nations are weak they can do nothing. Rarely if the dissatisfied nation is a great power that can catch up to dominate nation can they challenge.

-peace is threatened when challengers seek to establish a new...
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