The Power of Storytelling

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  • Published : April 6, 2012
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The Power of Storytelling

People have been telling stories, writing poems, and drawing and painting pictures for others since the beginning of man. Since then many things have changed, and I will focus on three of these differences today. To start, I will discuss the differences between the views people had on hierarchy in the time of the Brothers Grimm, compared to the views the author of “Sir Patrick Spens” had. The next topic is the difference of middle class attitudes towards women found in some of the Grimm’s tales, compared to the attitudes today. Finally, the third topic of this essay will discuss the similarities and differences of the way men were viewed in the Grimm’s tales and the same aspect toward men today. The role of a woman in society today has almost been turned completely around compared to the views when the Selected Tales were written. As well, it is clear that the media has created these idolized figures that a woman should be tall and beautiful and a man should be big and strong. However, this idea of a man being big and strong was not always the case, which is the most noticeable difference between the time of the Grimm’s fairy tales and now. The reason for this essay is to bring attention to the change we have seen over the many years since the Brothers Grimm wrote their stories. The Aristocratic views found in the Selected Tales by the Brothers Grimm are quite comparable to the views found in the poem “Sir Patrick Spens”. It is apparent in the fairy tales that Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm had negative views on hierarchy, because the evil characters in many of the tales is a royal or authoritative figure. The author of “Sir Patrick Spens” was also opposed to the hierarchy that he lived under as well, we can tell with the lines, “And there lies guid Sir Patrick Spens, Wi’ the Scots lords at his feet” (Sir Patrick, 43-44). The words “at his feet” sort of imply that the Scottish nobles were cowering and begging Sir Patrick Spens to...
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