The Power of Parents (Crabbe Essay)

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22 May 2012
The Power of Parents

William Bell’s Crabbe is a novel filled with suspense, action and emotion. With the main character being a teenager that runs away from home, it makes for an intriguing story. Crabbe (Franklin) explains all of his thoughts and beliefs on school, parents and life in the course of the story. As a result, the story gets the reader to ponder upon different subjects one would not think about otherwise. Near the beginning of the story, the young man explains how he is upset that everyone (mainly his parents) had planned out his life, his future and he had no say in it. He desires freedom and no part in this plan. One’s parents usually have expectations of their child, especially when approaching the end of high school. But it is your choice whether or not you will live up to those expectations.

In the second to last paragraph of chapter two, Crabbe briefly explains the reasons why he was running away, one of them being that he finds actions can make a bigger impact than words. Another explanation would be to run away from his life, “I was sick of my life and already sick of the future that everyone had planned for me but nobody bothered to consult me about. I wanted to be free, to opt out of the plan.” This quote was said by Crabbe, when he is reflecting on his reasoning for his running away. It demonstrates his sense of independence, responsibility and autonomy. Crabbe tries to make it clear to his parents that he does not like the limits of freedom that they have given him.He tries to explain that he can make his choices on his own, that he can now choose what he wants to do with himself. It is therefore clear that his parents did not get the message, a lot so like mine, who often do not understand my point of view on things.

Like Crabbe, my parents and I do not always agree eye to eye. For instance, when they split, my...
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