The Power of One (Movie)

Topics: South Africa, Racial segregation, African people Pages: 2 (686 words) Published: October 7, 2010
The film, “the Power of One,” followed the life of a boy named P.K. from a small child to a handsome young man. It showed all the hardship and tragedy he had to endure throughout his life. Although the movie could have focused more on the apartheid, it instead portrayed the vulgarity of those times through the eyes of an English boy. As time went on, P.K. slowly began to realize the full severity of the apartheid. It was difficult for a child to comprehend how horribly people could treat one another for no apparent reason.

Despite all the obstacles he was forced to overcome in his life, P.K. was a very strong character. He continued to move forward and grew into a more motivated, caring person with each loved one he lost. Everyone who was ever close to him seemed to die until the end, but he continued to fight for the South African’s freedom. He constantly rebelled against authority, first with the officers, and then against the father of the girl he loved, Maria. This movie is difficult to narrow down to one specific genre, which is what made it so intriguing. It contained sports, love, fighting, and discrimination; all of which had some connection to the apartheid.

When P.K. was only five years old, a much older boy at boarding school terrorized him. After he endured physical and mental pain, it was only until his chicken was killed that tears were shed. It appeared as though he believed tears were a sign of weakness and chose to hide how he truly felt. This led to his bed-wetting problem. His nanny then brought in the “medicine man” who cured him by teaching him to face his biggest fears head-on. His life finally started to turn for the better when he met Doc, who broadened his knowledge significantly, taught him how to trust, and introduced him to boxing. Geel Pete was a black prisoner who taught P.K. how to box and who also insisted that he was the “rainmaker” and would bring freedom to the Africans.

“The Power of One” conveyed to viewers how ignorant...
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