The Power of One

Topics: Black people, South Africa, Abuse Pages: 3 (914 words) Published: May 31, 2013
The power of one which is directed by John G. Avildsen, achieves a purpose and perspective by attaching social messages through the use of cinematic techniques, setting and most importantly characters. Avildsen flaunts his director skills through technique, however loses the ability to engage the target audience to believe beyond the South African reality in the 1930’s through cliché perspectives of racism and prejudice. The power of one is a story about a young English boy by the name of P.K born to a widow mother in rural South Africa. Initially living a simple life, P.K. learns the ways of England from his mother, though also is fortunate enough in learning ways of Africa from his Zulu nanny. However everything turns upside down when cattle are struck, that leads P.Ks mother to experience a dramatic nervous breakdown. Mean while P.K is sent to an Afrikaaner boarding school where he is targeted, harassed and bullied. P.K being the only English boy, is blamed for the deaths of the thousands of Afrikaaners during the second Anglo Boer war and is punished for nothing but prejudice. P.K stands up for himself after he becomes a confident boxer who believes in justice and equality amongst all racial and political groups. Throughout the movie, notions of social prejudice is constantly exposed. This is mainly evident when PK is sent to the Africana boarding school and he is victimised by the students there. Being the only English boy, he stood as an outsider compared to young boys who were already attending this school whose idol was in those years, Hitler. Due to his social status and race PK is marginalised by verbal abuse, physical abuse like pissing on him and staging secret meetings. This form of prejudice led Young PK to horrific habits like bedwetting. These scenes show the audience the lasting dislike between the two white tribe who existed in South Africa in those years, the Afrikaners and the British. PK as an English boy is treated as if he is like the...
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