The Power of Multilateralism

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  • Published : March 20, 2008
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There is no doubt that the United States is the ‘New Rome' in today's world either politically or economically. However, the world has changed through globalization and information revolution, which now reduce the power of unilateralism, or hard power consisting of military and economic power. Therefore, America should adopt multilateral foreign policy rather than following its hard power policy in order to maintain and increase its status as a superpower in today's world. The new concept of soft power, other economic superpowers, and diverse climate issues substantiate this viewpoint. To begin with, hard power such as military and economic powers has lost their strength after the end of the Cold War. A new and different concept, called the soft power is now rising. Soft power can be defined as attractiveness, the ability to attract and persuade other countries. Even though the soft power is more indirect than hard power, its field of influence is broader, ranging from politics, economics, to culture. Soft power is the best solution to foreign policy because its methods are multilateral, involving both sides without any physical force or coercing. Pursuing unilateralism only builds in feeling of resentment inside the victimized country. However, soft power is applied by peaceful means and results into a friendlier cooperation because countries voluntarily agree to the superpower, eliminating and possible conflict. In addition, there are other countries than the US that are economically able and wealthy. Therefore, America should abandon its current its current unilateralism and adopt multilateralism. Fro example, Japan and many Western European countries have enough strength to confront American economy and China is the new rising power which should not be neglected. If America rejects these economic strongholds, it will lose its stance among the international world. A good example of these countries' relative economic independence from America compared to...
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