The Power of Love: Lola and Manni

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  • Published : February 17, 2013
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1. The power of love
* Between Lola and Manni
* There is an element that unites the three different plots which is the love that Lola feels for Manni * Lola gets involved in the predicament for the sake of the love she has for Manni which sparks her determination * This love is scene in sequence 1 where Manni in distress about the situation and blames Lola, Lola stays positive and calms him down. even though Manni has put the pressure on her she puts it aside and deals with helping him to resolve the issue * Another key scene is the red haze , where Manni and Lola are talking about their relationships and in each circumstance Manni and Lola do not want their love to diminish. When the red haze ends and manni and Lola say no the sequence restarts. The restart can be a symbol of their love with the need that not one of them can continue a life without the other. * First of all, love can do anything. When a plot ended the movie show the scene where they start talking about love and what would they do for each other, and Lolas says that love would and could do anything. They promisse each other that their love was real and that they would do anything to safe their life and to remember each other. Lola depends on her relationship with Many. They like others company because they are alone so they found themselves in the other person. * Secondly, love is part of our decisions. The decision she makes is for Many, she decided to get the money, she decided to look for her dad, and decided to run just to save her boyfriend. * Finally, the separation of Lola´s parents affects Lola. Lola´s life has lack of support from her family, she does not feel like they have care for her, so when she found Many she feels save. Lola appreciate the love of his boyfrind because he supports her, and takes care of her. Lola´s a bit crazy because of the parental problems. She loses her mind very easy.

In conclusion, love is a feeling in which human beings...
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