The Power of Love and Passion

Topics: Love, Friendship, Interpersonal relationship Pages: 3 (1010 words) Published: February 22, 2013
The Power of Love and Passion EssayJesse Chamberlain
What is “Love”? In today’s world “love” is a commonly used term, referring to what think is just a relationship based on affection for another person or liking something a lot; but what does “love” actually mean. Love has so many levels of complexity than people believe it to have. The ancient Greeks saw this complexity and believed that love could be split into four words that embodied what, love was thought to mean. These words were Agape, meaning general affection or a deeper sense of true love unlike Eros, Eros referred to romance and passionate love or intimate love, Philia was the love of friendship and Storge is natural affection, such as the love felt between parents and their offspring. In this I will be taking a deeper look into these four powerful words for love. Agape is one of the Koine words from ancient Greece translated to mean love. It was adopted into Christianity as the love of God or Christ for all of humankind and in return mankind’s love for God. Many have thought that this word represents divine, unconditional, self-sacrificing, active, volitional and thoughtful love. Agape has been used in a wide variety of ancient and modern texts. In the bible there is an entire section in the bible dedicated to Agape, Greek philosophers at the time of Plato and other ancient authors have used the word and its variants to denote the love of a spouse or family, or affection for a particular activity. Modern author, Thomas Jay Oord has define agape as “an intentional response to promote well-being when responding to that which has generated ill-being.” In Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, Mercutio displayed a form of this love when he duels Tybalt and sacrifices himself to save Romeo from Tybalt’s murderous intentions. Eros another form of the word love in Greek, referred to intimate love or romantic love. Eros is a love based almost completely around passion, sensual desire and longing although it...
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