The Power of Immorality

Topics: Political corruption, Corruption, Human Pages: 2 (801 words) Published: February 5, 2013
Power Of Immorality
We, as sophisticated entities, inherently evaluate our identical notions of success upon the singular preface of monetary accumulation. Simply, in the society in which we reside, those with more money have more power and perceived success. Therefore, this communicable social disease has, by nature, infected the mentality to advocate for oneself, by corrupting its path of happiness to one which includes only the goal of increasing ones wealth. Every single aspect of society, without exception, is obsessed upon this preconceived notion that the only way to become happy and successful is by being rich. Therefore, this social disease which has infected almost all of Earth’s residents has effectively perpetuated the tyrannical aristocracy which holds our entire people captive. However the same disease which controls our values also forces us to look up to those who have what our disease wants, thereby effectively preventing the ending of this evil because the majority of us are forced to look up to the very aristocracy that holds us back. However, certain individuals such as Henrik Ibsen, writer of the play An Enemy of the People, are privileged enough to understand this corruption and therefore actively fight against it. The true enemy of the people is the corrupting power of immorality, and the social disease, known to all as money. Money can bribe the world. It can convince the population of an entire town to allow a poisonous bath to remain in operation so that wealth will continue to flow through the town. This was just the issue that faced Dr. Stockman at the beginning of the play. He wished to do what was right, clean the baths so that they would be operational as soon as possible. However his brother, Peter Stockman, manipulated the town by claiming, “We should probably have to abandon the whole thing, which has cost us so much money-and then you would have ruined your native town.” Dr. Stockman tried to do what was right but money beat...
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