The Power of Images

Topics: Military ranks, Rail transport, Army Pages: 2 (599 words) Published: April 22, 2013
The Power of Images

Photo Chart Example

Title of Photograph| Description| Interesting aspects, details| 1. “Soldiers participating in a battle drill” – Army Units Section| Men practicing war drills with many different weapons, for example, guns, and swords.| 1. They all are watching as they perform their drills. 2. Everyone in participating, as if they are ready for war. | 2. “Civilians who were enlisted, for war” – Enlisted Men Section| Civilians who were enlisted are prepared to fight in the war. | 1. They were all provided with basic training and weapons.2. Many civilians appear frightened. | 3. “Generals were relaxing under tents” – Generals in the Field Section.| Army generals were relaxing under tends as the war continued. | 1. The generals looked as if they were not at war.2. They were in a safe area while the soldiers were on the battle front.| 4.”Many equipments were used by photographers in the war” – Photographers and their equipments section.| The photographers’ equipments were in the middle of an open area. | 1. They moved around slowly hauling heavy equipments.2. These equipments were necessary in order to obtain important information. | 5. “Railroads were very important at the time of the war” – Railroads section| The railroad cars moving slowly along the tracks, | 1. The railroad carried many people and equipments.2. They were the main transportation at that time. | 6. “Lincoln assassination was a conspiracy – Lincoln’s assassination section.| Lincoln’s assassination was a horrible event. | 1. There was great condemnation on the conspirators.2. He did not have enough security to prevent the assassination. | 7. “Citizens having fun” – Bonanzas of the earth. | The citizens found ways in which to have some enjoyment. | 1. They formed bonanzas that were enjoyed by many.2. At the time there were not many things to do for enjoyment. | 8. “They were dangerous pathways” – Paths of Persistence| Frequently travelled...
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