The Power of Choice

Topics: Morality, Burma, English-language films Pages: 2 (542 words) Published: April 28, 2008
Choices are decisions people make every second of everyday. People have the choice of whom they accept as normal through comparisons of what they look like and also by their own behaviors. People who act and look like each other and with similar values often times are more likely to accept individuals of the same kind. Whether it is the difference between race, religion, or even political views, to tell an individual to accept everyone for their differences is merely impossible. Thus, the existence of dichotomy will always be. People tend to choose their accepted social counterparts based on what they have in common with one another. For example, the Burmese villagers in, “Shooting an Elephant” viewed the foreigner as an outsider because of his European heritage. The villagers may not like the foreigner because of his association with the British government and the fact that he lives among them with superiority as a police officer. On the other side the foreigner hates being treated as an outsider. He wants nothing more than to be accepted by the villagers he lives amongst. Circumstances arise that cause him to feel overwhelming pressure to do something he feels is not right. However, he feels that in order to gain a little respect and be on better terms with the villagers, the foreigner feels he must do what the villagers expect to happen. The foreigner makes his final decision based off of the pressure he receives from the crowd of on looking villagers. However, only half of the Burmese in the village agrees that the choice he makes is morally right. Therefore, only half of the Burmese villagers side with the foreigner creating yet another perspective towards him. The perspective on what tastes good and what doesn’t creates a powerful dichotomy that is applied towards food. Cultures prioritize certain types of food and tastes. For instance, Americans have dogs for pets and would think of it absurd to eat their pets for food. However, on the other hand,...
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