The Post American World

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  • Published : December 18, 2012
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The Post American World

“America was conducting business as usual, but others were joining the game.” (Zakaria, 221). All this time we thought we were on top, we were actually slowly becoming less and less of leader and more a bystander as the rest of the world is slowly rising around us. Zakaria shows in that quote that as America has been continuing business like always, and because of this we have failed to realize our standing with the world around us. In the book The Post-American World, Zakaria shows us the challenges that America faces today. I believe the United States is most affected by our ignorance, competition, and worldly participation.

One way the United States is most affected by the “rise of the rest” is through our ignorance. As a country we are creating generations with less and less knowledge of how America stands with the rest of the world. “We have not had to reciprocate by learning foreign languages, cultures, and markets” (Zakaria, 224). Zakaria states this because; this factor is leaving America at a substantial disadvantage. Our ignorance made us Americans happy with the fact that English spread worldwide, when really we should have realized it was setting us back. Other countries don’t have to deal with the language barrier and can function in multiple markets. I think the United States is beginning to expand into other cultures, and by that it will overcome its ignorance and allow it to function better.

As America is generally unchanging, our competition is swiftly growing around us. Zakaria describes this action by the common phrase “rise of the rest”. Countries like China and India are becoming strong and independent. For the United States this is some good and bad. On one account we no longer have the tallest building, richest man, or largest factory, which I feel is more of an ego standing than actual fact of importance. However, on the other side of things Zakaria states “China needs the America market to sell its...
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