The Positive Side of Drug Esting Welfare &Unemploymet Recipients

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  • Published : August 9, 2012
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The Positive Side of Drug Testing Welfare and Unemployment Recipients Alice Neilson
Broadview University


Welfare and Unemployment payments have been an issue with politicians and private citizens alike. Taking time to look at what some reform to these services would save the tax payers and what assistance it can potentially offer the people who receive and fund these services can open up a new life for the program and those that use it.

The positive Side of Drug Testing Welfare and Unemployment Recipients The Basis of the Argument
In the world of employment, there is rarely a job that does not require a pre-employment drug screening. Employers do this for many reasons, including proving the character of the potential employee, ensuring that the safety of all employees is maintained, and to save money by only hiring those candidates that will not drop out of training or need rehabilitation later. (Hawkins, 2010) Welfare and unemployment are temporary jobs for millions of people and should be treated in the same manner. Welfare and unemployment payments were designed to be a bridge between one job and another. By instituting a pre-enrolment drug screening process the programs will serve the recipients to the fullest by ensuring that the funds are being used for legitimate needs, such as food in the kitchen to feed families, gas in the car to attend interviews, and daycares paid to watch over children of the parents looking to become employed and self-sufficient. It sets up a positive new incentive to the way the programs can help. Nothing But the Facts, Ma’am

Having potential recipients sign a consent form for drug screening before they can get their assistance will help give them incentive to stay clean and better focus on how to spend their time looking for employment or training. It will also lower the amount of time they spend depending on the assistance programs. (House. 2011). A bonus issue that it addresses is to help debunk the...
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