“the Positive and Negative Influence Family Can Have on Your Life”

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“The Positive and Negative Influence Family Can Have on Your Life” I’ve had plenty of experiences with family and the ways they can have influences on life. Some were good and a lot were bad, but I have learned something from each experience. My family had influences on my credit, my love life, and other parts of my personal life. Their influence has really made an impact on my life. Having my family in my life has always been important to me, until their influence started interfering with my life. For example, when I first introduced them to my wife they were trying to judge her character and get me to leave her because of our age difference. They mistreated her every time she came around and never attempted to make her feel welcome or tried to get to know her. They did everything that they could think of to try to get her to leave me, and it almost worked. It had gotten so bad that it was to the point to where she really was ready to leave. But after a talk with my dad and her family, she decided to stay. And we have been together for five amazing years. I’ve had some other bad experiences with my family and the influences they have had on my life. For example, when they put bills in my name while I was in Germany without my knowledge. When I came home, I had a credit check done and found a lot of discrepancies on it, and it all seemed to lead back to them. And when they were confronted, they acted like they didn’t know what I was talking about. But after a month had past, they agreed to pay it off and help get my credit straightened back out. Now my family have also had some positive influences on my life too. They help to motivate me through high school; they stood behind me when I was hurt in Iraq, and they finally came around and made my wife feel more welcomed into the family. Without them I would’ve dropped out of high school in the ninth grade, but my stepmom set me down and gave me a lot of reasons why school was...
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