The Portrait of Dorian Gray

Topics: Oscar Wilde, Meaning of life, The Picture of Dorian Gray Pages: 2 (628 words) Published: May 15, 2013
The Picture of Dorian made ​​by his friend Basil Hallward is true work of art; it reflects its true nature. Art is a truthful mirror of the hero's life. Attempting to destroy a hidden portrait of Dorian completes his own death, but a work of art cannot be destroyed. The portrait in its original beauty will live forever. Thus, in the plot of the novel there is the main idea of ​​the aesthetics of the unconditional superiority of art over reality. The history of Dorian and his portrait are reversed with respect to the laws of nature, the very flow of time. Living person overcomes the stream of time, refusing to grow old, but a work of art started to live. The Portrait of Dorian Gray is an allusion to a fantastic story, «La Peau de changrin» by Balzac: young, handsome Dorian Gray wished to remain permanently looks the same as at the time of the completion of his portrait, and from this moment for over twenty years of the novel, he retains all the charm of youth, and a portrait, hidden in his house reflects his real life, accumulating signs of vice and crime. Stop the hero of time, eternal youth, usually associated with the motives of the deal with the devil. In Dorian Gray you can guess the new features of Faust. Faust also received from Mephistopheles eternal youth. The role of Mephistopheles plays Lord Henry; throughout the novel he seduces Dorian Gray ideas of the new hedonism, turning an innocent and talented young man into a vicious monster. The novel «Melmoth the Wanderer» Wilde knew from childhood, as its author, Charles Robert Maturin was his uncle. In this novel there was an idea of a mysterious portrait, whose prototype is not getting old, and a hero who can afford himself everything. Close in spirit to the decadent idea of «Portrait of Dorian Gray» is a novel Huysmans «Against Nature or Against the Grain». However, «The Picture of Dorian Gray» is regarded as absolutely unique, standing apart in the literature of the product....
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