The Politics of Establishing Urban Growth Areas in St. Claire

Topics: Councillor, City council, Municipality Pages: 4 (1382 words) Published: November 10, 2012
Analysis of Policy Process
Case Study #1

1) Official Actors
* County Council Members
* County Chair
* Regional Growth Planning Council
* Land Use Committee
* Mayors (Cooperville and Vanish Ridge)
* State’s Department of Growth Management
Unofficial Actors
* Citizens
* Johnson & James Corporation (Land Developers)
* Political Parties
* City Councils (Cooperville and Vanish Ridge)
* Media and other interest groups (possible Unofficial Actors) 2) Members voting for the Amended Interim UGA:
* Thorne is a member of the County Council’s Land Use Committee and one of the promoter of the two amendments applied to the original UGA. Also Thorne is very linked with development companies that are interested in expanding the urban area of the two cities. For this reasons Thorne is one of the main supporters of the Amended Interim UGA. * Ben Wetherley is not part of the Land Use Committee and has not any strong position or interest in the approval of the Interim UGA. In the past he developed a strong relationship with Thorne and they usually exchange votes on various issues. For this reason Wetherley is going to vote what Thorne wants him to vote, which is in favor of the Amended Interim UGA. * Gerald Stern, like Thorne, has many allies between the land developers and business leader in the County, which are in favor of a larger UGA for the cities of Copperville and Vanish Ridge. During the public debate Stern supported both the amendment therefore is very likely to vote in favour of the Amended Interim UGA. Despite that he is less involved in the issue than Thorne, so his vote could change with future developments. Members voting against the Amended Interim UGA:

* Jerry Fehrman is a longtime supporter of the Growth Management Planning Act (even If not a member of the County Council’s Land Use Committee) and an historical rival of Thorne. He already lost the support of the land developers...
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