The Political Spectrum

Topics: Political spectrum, Left-wing politics, Right-wing politics Pages: 1 (298 words) Published: March 8, 2013
Different political views are represented by the political spectrum. The spectrum shows that on the extreme left end is communist views and on the extreme left is dictatorship views and anywhere in between is liberal, conservative or a combination of both parties. In the left end views are that everyone is equal and has the right to have the same things as every other person whereas on the right side views are that the successful should be awarded. Political parties on the right and those on the left are very different. They’re views on many things are extremely different, some of these things include taxes, pollution and health care. Both ends of the spectrum have different views on how taxes should be spent, how much should be charged and who should pay what. On the right end of the spectrum views on taxes are that… On the left end of the Spectrum taxes are viewed as… This goes to show how different the dictatorship and communist ends views are on many different topics. The two ends of the spectrum also have extremely different beliefs based on pollution. On the right side of the spectrum views are that environmental regulation controls should be relaxed whereas on the left sides views are….. Both ends of the spectrum are very opposite and this is one example of their very different views. The two sides of the spectrum also have different opinions on healthcare…. Healthcare is one of the many things that the two ends of the spectrum disagree upon. In conclusion, the two extreme ends of the political spectrum, the communist and dictatorships, have different views on many different political topics some of which are taxes, pollution and healthcare but there are many, many more topics that they disagree on.
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