The Political Establishment in Germany Succeeded in Maintaining the Political Status Quo

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  • Published : November 26, 2012
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The political establishment in Germany succeeded in maintaining the political status quo through a policy of moderate reform. How far do you agree? The junkers succeeded in keeping the existing political system the same through moderate reform, to what extent?

When assessing whether maintaining the status quo in Germany was down to the effective use of moderate reform, we should also assess the effects of force maintaining status quo. Some would argue that it was indeed the use of moderate reform using Bulow’s reforms such as the tariff law and sickness insurance. However others would argue that it was the use of force, using ideas such as the Herero uprising. Some people may also use the policy introduced the Bulow called the Flottenpolitik. Furthermore; we should consider the economical and social factors which could have influenced this.

The view that the policy of moderate reform succeeded in maintaining the political status quo; could be argued against by the fact that; Bulow’s strengths and interests lay firstly in foreign powers but he also implemented some reforms such as the tariff law in December 1902. This restored a higher duty on imported agricultural products which had a knock on effect on food prices which ended up rising. This helped maintain status quo because this would have made the public angrier henceforth could have made people rebel against the Junkers.

Adding to this point; others could argue against moderate reform being the main cause of maintaining status quo on the basis that it was down to the use of force. To do this they could refer to the Herero uprising this makes clear the weaknesses of moderate reform maintaining status quo by showing one way that it led to the complete opposite; a rebellion. This uprising and how it was dealt with shows the strength and the forces and led to some members of the more conservative element of leadership of the centre part being cautious about challenging Bulow’s government. This...
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