The Plight of Prejudice in to Kill a Mockingbird

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  • Published : May 7, 2007
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The Plight of Prejudice in To Kill A Mockingbird

To Kill a Mockingbird has had a large influence on English Literature and is most definitely Harper Lee's greatest masterpiece. Many topics of human morals have been touched in this novel. To be more specific, the topic of prejudice towards African-Americans in the southern states is a very prominent one. This book reflects reasons why prejudice exists, the inner strength of the black community, and what should have been done to correct this problem. These fit ideally into the theme "beauty and the beast".

There are many reasons why prejudice exists. Some feel that their race is superior to others. An excellent example of this is when Tom Robinson exclaimed that he felt sorry for Mayella. Tom was then to be disrespected by Mr Gilmer when he announced, "You felt sorry for her, you felt sorry for her?" (Mockingbird197). For example, an African-American male may have been reported stealing a VCR and some may assume that all African-Americans are thieves. For instance, "I knowed who it was, alright, lived down yonder in that nigger-nest, past the house everyday. Jedge, I've asked this county for fifteen years to clean out that nest down yonder, they're dangerous to live around ‘sides devaluin' my property." (Lee 175). It has always been human nature to fear something that humans do not understand. When whites first discovered blacks, they did not understand their culture, so they classified them as savages and enslaved them.

In the past, blacks have suffered many dilemmas; however, they have kept pride and spirit throughout their hardships. Even though whites have oppressed blacks they still welcomed Jean-Louise and Jem open heartedly into their church. Reverend Sykes welcomes Jem and Scout by saying, "Brethren and sisters, we are particularly glad to have company with us this morning. Mr. and Ms. Finch…" (Mockingbird120). In the teachings of Martin Luther King Jr. it was stated that all should be...
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