The Plea of an Aborted Fetus

Set me free. Let me live, I deserved to be born, I want to live. For heaven’s sake, have pity.

Ladies and Gentlemen, dear fathers and mothers listen to my plea, listen to my story. I could have been the 17th Lady President of the Philippines Republic, had you given me the chance to live, had you not deprived me of my life, had you not taken away my privilege to be born.

Some eleven years ago, a healthy ovum started to generate in the womb of a woman with six other children. My coming should be a herald of joy, a symbol of love incarnate but to my mommy it was a burden, a problem, an additional mouth to feed. To Dad, it was a mistake, an effect of mom’s carelessness for not taking the contraceptive pills.

One gloomy day in June, my unexpected coming was confirmed. It was a painful decision. I could sense the imminent danger as Mom got inside the abortion room. I was an unwanted child. No one loved me. No one cared. I was a rejected being, a tiny lump slowly forming into human being with human soul. I was already alive, kicking, struggling. My heart was already beating and my thumb had already the unique mark. As I was holding strongly to my mother’s womb a splash of heat came all over me. I writhed in extreme pain.

— Mom, why have you done this to me? Am I not the flesh of your own flesh, the blood of your own blood?

The rubber suction caught my tiny limbs and mercilessly twisted it slowly cutting it from my body. I struggled for my life. 1,2,3 and the first part of me came out.

— Mom, why have you permitted this? Am I not Dad’s pledge of love to you? Then it was followed by another rubber suction sucking the other part moving it with force until both were fully amputated.

— Mom, why have you done this to me? Am I not God’s image you promised to love and protect? Then I felt shaken once, twice, several times until I do not know anymore what has been going around. I gushed forth my last breath…

Then came the final blow, my head — the...
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