The Play No 1

How We Met
ACT 1, Scene 1

(AT RISE: CHRIS and SHONA are sitting UC with their backs facing the audience) SHONA: It’s been a long time hasn’t it?
CHRIS: Yes, it really has.
SHONA: Do you remember the last time we were here?
CHRIS: We weren’t sitting here, we were at Centre Island.
SHONA: But we still sat together and watched the wave’s right? CHRIS: We sat there for a long time.
SHONA: Yes we did.
CHRIS: You know, those were the happiest memories I’ve had with you. SHONA: How so?
CHRIS: It was at those times that I felt the most at peace. You always put me to peace. Somehow you had that effect on me, you still do, but there’s just something about being with you and just sitting free in the calmness of the never ending waves. And me sitting there wishing that, that moment with you would be never-ending. SHONA: That’s beautiful.

CHRIS: I wish I could say the same about life.
SHONA: At that time it was. I was also (shouts) Craa-a-a-a-zyyyy! CHRIS: You still are my love.
SHONA: I haven’t heard you say that in a while.
CHRIS: I’ve held it in too long, it just felt right.
SHONA: I know what you mean, My love.

How We Met
ACT 1, Scene 2

(AT RISE: CHRIS and SHONA are sitting UC with their backs facing the audience) SHONA: (Shouts) What a beautiful night!
CHRIS: (Shouts) It really is!
SHONA: (Stands up and starts twirling) I just feel so alive. Don’t you ever simply feel like dancing for absolutely no reason at all? CHRIS: No I don’t.
SHONA: Well aren’t you just boring.
CHRIS: And aren’t you just crazy.
SHONA: Is that a problem?
CHRIS: I don’t know yet.
SHONA: Well how about you come along to dance with me and find out? CHRIS: I rather just sit here and watch the waves.
SHONA: You’re always such a boring person.
CHRIS: Some people like to call me poetic.
SHONA: You’re far from poetic.
CHRIS: You say I’m not poetic
But I’m actually not so athletic
And I know this poem might sound cheesy
But without it you won’t believe...
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