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The Plauge Report

By | May 2006
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Title of Book: The Plague

Author of Book: Albert Camus

Setting: City of Oran

Plot Summary:

The book the plague takes place in Oran. From what is said by Dr. Rieux about the town is that its pretty much routine, every one has a basic cycle that they go through in there everyday life, pretty boring huh? Well what happens next shocks everyone but still it stays on the down low. One day all of a sudden rats started appearing dead on the street, in buildings, hotels, every where. At first it occurred to me after reading along that many of the people didn't care if they were lying all over the place. Most of them didn't want to believe it was happening. For example, M. Michel who worked with Dr. Rieux said he thought that pranksters put the rats there. I find it hard to believe being that there were rats all over the city. But here's how it all goes down.

After all of the rats start popping up every where the people just basically brush it off like its going to go away or something. After a while the find they are still finding dead rats n such things lying around, so finally some one does something about it. The local newspapers get involve but the government still has little to say about it. Then every thing stops. Eventually the first case of symptoms comes up. M. Michel who had thought that the rats were put there by pranksters came down with the symptoms swelling of the neck, armpits, and groin. He later died. Immediately after this happened I thought it was something like a bubonic plague or something, since we studied it in history.

Dr. Rieux takes matters in his own hand from here. He orders plague serums and treats the worst people first, which reminds me of Hiroshima. Finally the town is put under quarantine. They soon found out that the serums weren't working and the disease was now airborne. They all came together to fight the disease off. They all did their part in helping people out. After successfully making a new serum but not...

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