The Pizza Wars

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BSB, Inc., The Pizza Wars Come to Campus|


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Identifying the Problem4
Question 1: Does BSB, Inc., enjoy any competitive advantages or core competencies?5
Question 2: Initially, how did Renee Kershaw choose to use her pizza operation to compete with off-campus eateries? What were her competitive priorities?8
Question 3 : What impact will the new food court have on Kershaw’s pizza operations?11 SWOT Analysis11
What competitive priority might she choose to focus on now?12
Question 4: If she were to change the competitive priorities for pizza operation, what are the gaps between the priorities and capabilities of her process? How might that affect her operating processes and capacity decisions?14

Question 5: what would be a good service strategy for Kershaw’s operation on campus to meet the food court competition?15 Competitors/New Entrants15
Competitive priorities16
Core Process and Assigned Competitive priorities18

Case: BSB, Inc., The Pizza Wars Come to Campus
Pizza wars case is about to understand the connection between corporate strategy and the key operations management decisions. Corporate strategy itself provides an overall direction that serves as the framework for carrying out all the organization’s functions. Corporate Strategy helps to determine the market and response to any changes. It also provides the resources to develop the company’s core competencies and core processes, and it identifies the marketing strategy. With the impact of changes around the industry, management has to analyze and make a good decision in order to improve the processes of the supply chain as well as to sustain the business. The factors that will influence the efficiency of the business is depending on the coordination of managing the resources and the capabilities of managing the processes and continuously check and improve them at the best. Background

The case is about BSB Inc., operate its campus food services at a medium-sized private university in Southeast through the contract with university. For the past 10 years, BSB Inc have a reputation and already known to the campus. These means that BSBInc., is the only food services company that serve the entire campus of 6000 students and 3000 faculty. BSB Inc., has appointed Renee Kershaw as a manager of food services in the university and she is responsible to manage three food-service facilities which are located at three different places in the university. The first location is the large cafeteria at the ground floor of main administration which its serve daily breakfast, lunch and dinner. The second location is Dogwood Room which is located at second floor of administration building but serves an upscale luncheon buffet on weekdays only. The third which is a small grill located in the recreational building near the dormitories and operates at limited hour from 11 am to 10 pm and until midnight on Friday and Saturday nights. The main business objective of BSB Inc is to provide the food services to the university at the best of customer satisfaction. Therefore, in order to understand the customer needs and market trends, Kershaw conducted surveys and from the result of data analysis she found that the students were not satisfied with the food services and about 44 percent of the customer preferred to consumed out off campus, 36 percents is those preferred food delivered from off campus and the rest would go for food prepared in dorm. With the response to the market survey, Kershaw decided to offer pizza with delivery service in order to increase customer satisfaction as well as its profits. However, the trends of consumers changes rapidly and affect the food services especially the pizza sales were beginning dropped....
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