The Pizza Store Layout Simulation

Topics: Management, Profit, Pizza Pages: 2 (645 words) Published: April 29, 2013
The Pizza Store Layout simulation
Leland Paul
February 4, 2013
Jeanette Brooks

The Pizza store simulation provided an opportunity to experiment with different possibilities for a manager to best maximize its profits for the owner of the restaurant Mario. The objective of the simulation was for management to come up with a plan of success. The plan of success would help with the management of waiting lines be it long or short, which is one of the key issues that are facing the restaurant. As the manager you have to keep in mind that the decision to make changes to improve services has to be carefully weighed and carefully balanced. For example you will have to manage the gains that will come with increasing the amount of service provided against the cost of doing so. This is done by using your metric of utilizations offered in the simulation. There was a formula in this simulation that used the metric of utilization t for time. [t/(T/n]*100 T serves as the total time that the restaurant was open, and n would be the quantity of the server.

Looking at Mario’s Pizzeria, you can see that they struggled with a long waiting time that was very high, and profits that were marginal at best. The key for any new manager coming in is to discover the five points of utilization measurements that are used by upper management to determine daily performance. The five points used by Mario were the waitresses, the cooks, tables for 2, tables for 4, and the manual ovens. When unveiling his initial profits he was only profiting $1064 and the amount of sales lost were $1170 exceeding their profits by $106. So from the outside looking in it looks like they are losing more money than they are making so a change in operations is essential to the future of this pizzeria.

Although there is a slight learning curve to the final solution of the pizzeria it would be best to try the smartest move available in order to make the biggest impact. The learning curve in...
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