The Pizza Industry

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The Pizza Industry

 History of Pizza
Birth of the Pizza –  Italy or elsewhere? Pizza in Renaissance Spread to other countries What it is now – (Supreme !!!!)

 Nutritional Value

 Survey on Kids

The World Pizza And Indian Pizza Market

 World Market of the Pizza Industry


Pizza Hut Domino's Others

Pizza Hut “Think Global act Local” First to introduce localized menu.

Domino’s “Think local act regional” First to offer country wide Hunger helpline.

 Pizza Industry - USA

 

$30+ billion per year industry. 69,000 pizzerias. 3 billion pizzas sold every year. 93% of Americans have atleast 1 pizza per month. 94% of the population eats Pizza.

 Indian Pizza Market

The Pizza segment is growing in India by 40% with Indians consuming 3.5 million PPM. The organized pizza market is worth 700 crore . Pizza outlets serve pizzas with several Indian based toppings like Tandoori Chicken and inclusion of Cottage Cheese (Known as Paneer).

Pizza Hut Domino's US Pizza Papa Jones Others

 SWOT Analysis
Strengths:  Pizza is a food item loved and consumed by majority of the people in the world. This is proved by the figures shown in the slides before.  Pizza outlets provide good taste, quality products with qualified staff, good atmosphere and hygienic environment. Motivation level of staff stays high which make the pizzerias more prosperous. Weaknesses:  The Pizza outlets provide less range of products and they are usually high priced except for some other reasonable alternatives. In the Indian context, except for some new variants, they focus more on Western taste instead of Eastern. Opportunities:  New markets can be explored and new opportunities can be sought. Diversification of products can increase their market share. They can reduce their prices because of more resources. They could also incorporate other service models in their structure. Threats:  New entrants in the market can affect their market share.  Other local restaurants can affect their market share by providing pizzas with lower price.

 Pizza Hut
• Founded in 1958.

•Parent Company: Yum! Brands.
•Pizza Hut “Bistro” •Pizza Hut Express and “The Hut”

 Place
• 12,500 restaurants across 91 countries. •147 stores across 35 cities in India •Mostly in higher income zone

 Products

 Price
• Range: 65 - 485

•Coupon worldwide and gift cards in developed countries •Pan 4 all

 Promotion
•C.H.A.M.P.S (Cleanliness, Hospitality, Accuracy, Maintenance, Product quality and Speed) •3F‟s ( Fun, Friendly and Familiar)

• Sponsored Back to the Future II
• "MySpace Ted" campaign • Endorsed by Lara Dutta.

Pizza Hut – BCG Matrix
1)P‟Zone, from Calzone Garlic Cheese Bread

2)The Pan Pizza
3)Thin n Crispy 4)Dipping Strips

 Pizza Hut - Target Markets

Target audience is basically anyone and everyone who loves to eat pizzas. Age group of 12 to 30. Pizza has long been targeted to families, because of its ambience and the environment it offers in all its outlets.

Ad Campaigns

 

First Ad – about sharing Australia – 1980‟s „Welcome Back‟ campaign Mexico – The Tomato sauce dip along with the pizza The „Great Indian Treat‟ „Full Punjabi‟ Roped in Ringo Starr for the campaign Pizza hut in the iphone !!!!

 Papa John’s
• Proven, streamlined operating system. •World-class franchise support and business consulting

 Place
• 3,400 restaurants worldwide • Papa John's is in all 50 states of US and approximately 40 international markets

• High Income zone

• 4 different size of Pizza •24 Types of Pizza •6 Types of Starters •3 Types of pasta

•4 Types of Salads

 Price
• Range: 85 – 495 •Offers and coupons

 Promotion
• Online Marketing

• B2B Mobile Marketing
• CEO in advertisement

“People Are Priority Always”

 Domino’s Pizza
• Founded in 1960.
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