The Pivitol Effect of the French and Indian War on Great Britain and Its American Colonies

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  • Published : October 21, 2007
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The French and Indian War helped to put an extensive strain on the relations of the powerful Great Britain and its loyal American Colonies. The war had put an exclusive strain greatly separating Britain and its colonies. The relations between Britain and its colonies deteriorated to a point of collapse. The French and Indian War had a significant history altering effect on Britain's political, economic, and ideological relationship with its American colonies.

Starting, Parliament's massive stubbornness on their political decisions for its colonies after the French and Indian War put an immense strained their political relations. British taxing policies, imposed on the colonies, was only slightly damaging to the colonies. The colonists were not all that concerned with the damage the taxes present, but instead worried themselves with how dangerously high they can become. The British Parliament taxed the colonies without giving them the type of influence that they wanted. The colonies wanted actual representation while Parliament believed in virtual representation. In other words the colonists wanted someone from the colonies to be in Parliament representing them, but Parliament was saying that they were a part of the massive British Empire and were already being represented by Parliament. Parliament, by refusing actual representation, agitated the colonist from passive to protesting against British detrimental taxes. The colonists began to feel like they did not have the full rights and liberties of Englishmen; instead they were feeling like isolated men from Britain. The King of England ignored the colonies immense cries for peace and called them all traitors to their legendary country. Also the colonists were being denied their own power to rule themselves and hold town meeting, but only being ruled by people across an enormous ocean. Parliament was profoundly worried that, if allowed to continue their town meetings, the colonists would become...
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