The Pinata: A Craft for Destruction

Topics: Papier-mâché, Paper, Paper art Pages: 2 (509 words) Published: April 15, 2013
The pinata is one of the few crafts that is as rewarding to destroy as it is to make. Time and patience are required to build the perfect paper mache creation. The necessary supplies for making a pinata are cheap and can be found in the local supermarket. Constructing a paper mache pinata can be an extraordinary and rewarding experience which is only limited by one's imagination! The steps to creating a pinata include gathering materials, forming the paper mache, and decorating the pinata. The first step to making a paper mache pinata includes gathering the supplies needed for this project and preparing them for the paper mache. Paper mache consists of three main elements: water, flour, and newspaper. The essentials needed to prepare the pinata are balloons and string. To begin, deposit a desired equal amount of both flour and water into a bowl. Thouroghly mix the ingredients until a thick paste is accomplished. Then, tear several newspaper papes into strips measuring one inch wide and six to eight inches long. Finally, inflate a balloon to a desired size and tie it closed. A string will be used to hang the balloon in order to start the forming process. Now, the paper mache is ready to be made! The second step of making a paper mache pinata is forming the pinata. To form the pinata, begin by dipping the newspaper strips into the paste. Then, carefully spread the strips onto the balloon, criss-crossing the strips into a pattern. Repeat this process until the entire balloon is engulfed except for a smale hole, which should remain where the balloon is tied in order for the pinata to be filled. Once the balloon is encompassed with pasty strips, let it dry for no less than twenty-four hours. For a stronger shell, an extra coating of newspaper can be applied after the twenty-four hours are completed for the first coat and the pinata is undoubtedly dry. The last step of making a paper mache pinata is adding extension to the pinata and decorating. First of all,...
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