The Picture of Dorian Gray Vocabulary List 1 (Q2)

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  • Published : October 22, 2012
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The Picture of Dorian Gray Vocabulary List 1 (Q2)

Precis (noun): Make summary of. "I know she goes in for giving a rapid precis of all her guests." (Pg. 14) Ravelled (verb): To tangle or entangle. ""How horribly unjust of you!" cried Lord Henry, tilting his hat back and looking up at the little clouds that, like ravelled skeins of glossy white silk, were drifting across the hollowed turquoise of the summer sky." (Pg. 15) Candour (noun): The state or quality of being frank, open, and sincere in speech or expression; candidness. "All the candour of youth was there, as well as all youth's passionate purity." (Pg. 26) Sovereignty (noun): Rightful status, independence, or prerogative. "It has its divine right of sovereignty." (Pg. 35) Hedonism (noun): Doctrine that pleasure or happiness is the highest good. "A new Hedonism--that is what our century wants." (Pg. 36) Staccato (adjective): Shortened or detached when played or sung. "Suddenly the painter appeared at the door of the studio and made staccato signs for them to come in." (Pg. 37) Caprice (noun): Sudden, unpredictable change, as of one's mind or the weather. "The only difference between a caprice and a lifelong passion is that the caprice lasts a little longer." (Pg. 38) Vermillion (noun): A bright red, to reddish-orange color. ""It is quite finished," he cried at last, and stooping down he wrote his name in long vermilion letters on the left-hand corner of the canvas." (Pg. 38) Panegyric (noun): Formal or elaborate praise. "Then had come Lord Henry Wotton with his strange panegyric on youth, his terrible warning of its brevity." (Pg. 40) Wizen (verb): To wither; shrivel up; dry up. "Yes, there would be a day when his face would be wrinkled and wizen, his eyes dim and colourless, the grace of his figure broken and deformed." (Pg. 40) Divan (noun): A sofa or couch, with no arms or back, often usable as a bed. "The hot tears welled into his eyes; he tore his hand away and, flinging himself on the divan, he...
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