The Pianist

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  • Published : March 26, 2013
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The Pianist

1. ‘The Pianist’ is about a Jewish pianist named Szpilman living in Poland and his time during World War II. He and his family are aware of the Nazis and Hitler’s designs on Poland but were convinced that the Nazis are a threat that will pass when England and France will come to aid Poland. In November 1940, all Jews were forced in the Warsaw Ghetto where living conditions were horrible. Soon after, the family was forced to go to concentration camps but Szpilman was saved by a friend. He becomes a slave but escapes and hides with the help of a non-Jewish friend. He was then discovered by another person who realizes that he is a Jew. His next hiding place was a room with a piano but was forced to be quiet. In 1944 he was forced to escape as a tank shells his hiding place. After, he became alone and desperately searches for food and water but was discovered by a German officer named Hosenfeld. After Szpilman tells him that he is a pianist, he was asked to play on the piano close by. His performance moves Hosenfeld and he hides Szpilman in an empty house and brings him food. In 1945, Hosenfeld meets Szpilman for the last time and he promises to listen to him on the radio also giving him his coat. Soon after, Polish soldiers tried to shoot him but stops when they realise that he is Polish. The next scene shows captured German soldiers, Hosenfeld being one of them. Later on, Szpilman is seen performing in an orchestra.

2. ‘The Pianist’ depicts the horrors of war through various film techniques. The lighting of the movie always seemed to be dark and gloomy showing how the war was a dark time for everyone. The realistic sounds of the gunshots create tension and anxiety to the audience. The scene where he was alone after his whole family was taken, is one that demonstrates the loneliness of war. The Jews, especially the main character are shown to have a miserable expression on their face throughout the movie. The music in the background seemed...
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