The Physics of Superheroes Opinion

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  • Published : April 11, 2013
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Although some physical issues appear to be difficult to understand, explain James Kakalios achieved from conduction and convection to modern physics. It is much easier to learn when it comes to something you love, that's why the lessons presented in the book seemed understandable. One of the first issues of the second half of the work are phase transitions. Reading the title of the section I figured it would be a very complicated and it would take me a long time to know the subject. I realized, the passage of a few paragraphs and lines, until one of my favorite superheroes, Iron Man, is affected by this concept. Because they are made of Iron, Iron Man is completely vulnerable to excessive heat that can melt your costume. It occurred to one of the villains that would be a good idea to create a machine to end derretidora supersuit and thus defeat Iron Man But his plan was a mistake, if our Superman costume change one of aluminum, its rays heat would be useless. The temperature at which phase transition occurs is different to that of aluminum and therefore would not be sufficient with the melter beam Melter. To some extent, the superpowers of some of our favorite superheroes are within the grasp of man. For example, Batman, Iron Man and Spiderman are geniuses who managed to develop their costumes or obtain equipment for improvement and thus be stronger than the normal human. James Kakalios chose so many heroes whose aspects are not so different to the man and some of his powers can easily be explained with physics. Kakalios is based on superheroes like Flash, which runs at the speed of light, even some villains as Electro. Electro, has a superpower that helps him fight any enemy, because it can use electricity and magnetism to your convenience. You only need to increase the speed at which it moves to achieve creating a magnetic field. This complies with the Faraday law whose principle is: when moving at high speeds an electric field can become magnetized and...
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