The Physics of Soccer

Topics: Classical mechanics, Force, Energy Pages: 3 (1232 words) Published: May 24, 2013
The Physics of Soccer
Tabitha Richeson


Section 1: overview
When I was five I started playing soccer and I loved it. I liked the running, the physical aspect of the sport. When playing soccer I didn't think there was that many rules or science involved but I was wrong. America is the only country to call “soccer” soccer. The rest of the world calls it Football mainly for the reason you use your feet. According to FIFA(International Federation of Association Football) the minimum length is 90m maximum is 120m width minimum is 45m but maximum is 90m. For international matches its different, length minimum is 100m max is 110m, for width its 64m (min) and 75m (max). Minimum length and maximum width are both 90m, but FIFA states that the field can't be square. There is a line in the middle of the flied that marks the half way point this is where the game is started. There is also lines in the in the shape half a square on both sides of the filed this marks the goalie box. There is also a ball, the size of the ball depends on the age group of the kids plalying. In soccer there are two referees that over see the game. Then 11 players are selected for position Coaches can choose how the their team plays. Also how they will be set up. The goalie is set between the goal post. A coin toss will decide who will get the ball first and the other team will be defending. The team who starts the game off with the ball must pass it at lest twice before kicking it down the filed, and it must be behind the half filed line. No one can use their hands except the goalie. There are a few terms that are commonly used in soccer 1) Throw-ins: When the ball goes out of bounds, the player throwing the ball must have both of his or her feet planted on the ground. If the player lifts his or her feet then the referee may let the other team throw the ball.2) Yellow card: This indicates a warning normally used when a foul seems extreme or on purpose....
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