The Philippines a Century Hence

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  • Published : October 3, 2012
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"The Philippines a Century Hence"

The Great Filipino Dr. Jose Rizal wrote an article about the Philippines future or what will be the Philippines after a century entittled "The Philippines a Century Hence". This work of Rizal forecast the future of the country within a hundred years by formulating on the present conditions and circumstances to arrive with the concept of the future of the Philippines. This essay reminds the Spain of what wrong-doing things they did in the Philippines that affects the ancient traditions, recollections, forgot thier writings and of the other different fields of the Filipino. May I present to you my reflection about the work of our great national hero Dr. Jose Rizal "The Philippines a Century Hence".

The point of view of my reflection paper is all about the Philippines after a century or what will be the Philippines after a century by concluding to the work of Rizal "The Philippines a Century Hence". In the article that Rizal's work , me , myself and I noticed the answers of Rizal in his work. Well , first before that, Rizal in his essay expose the several issues that concern our country. the abuses of human rights, the lack of freedom of the press and the lack of representation in the Spanish Cortes. Rizal notes several possibilities of what will be the Philippines after a century, first on top is: that the Philippines would stay Spanish colony provide its citizens receive not only the rights and privilige of the citizens of the Spanish crown, but also the inherent rights of a human being , second is: that the Philippines will inevitably rise in revolt against Spain if continously exploited and abused several historical events as example , and lastly: and that the Philippines may be conquered by other nations after Spains presence in the country is extinguised. Well for me this are the factors that over view the predictions of Rizal in his work "The Philippines a Century Hence".

Well this...