The Philippine a Century Hence

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Mobile Marketing, which is an area of mobile commerce, is a form of Marketing that targets users handheld wireless devices such as mobile phones and Personal Digital Assistants. In Comparison with traditional marketing, the main advantage of mobile marketing is that it can reach the target customers anywhere anytime, in order to promote the selling of products or services. Mobile Marketing has emerged as an integral part of any brand’s marketing campaign today. It has become an important engagement tool for brands, and aims to fulfill the gap that traditional media has been unable to bridge. With the increasing popularity of the Mobile Internet, this form of marketing is soon poised to achieve a significant reach. More than 94 million people in the Philippines now own mobile phones, and there are opportunities for content and service providers to generate mobile value added service revenues from this nascent market. Around 1.8 billion SMS messages are being sent every day in the Philippines. This is the largest SMS volume in the world, the Philippines accounting for more than 10% of global SMS at one stage and the country’s mobile operators were reported to be generating the highest proportion of non-voice revenues in the world.

Theoretical Frameworks

The study of how and why people purchase goods and services is termed consumer buying behavior. The term covers the decision-making processes from those that precede the purchase of goods or services to the final experience of using the product or service. Models of consumer buying behavior draw together the various influence on, and the process of, the buying decision. They attempt to understand the proverbial “Blackbox” of what happens within the consumer between his or her exposure to marketing stimuli and the actual decision to purchase. Figure 1.1




Decision-Making Process
* Problem Solving
* Information Search
* Purchase
* Post Purchase
* Evaluation

Black Box (Buyer’s Mind

Internal Influences
* Beliefs/Attitudes
* Values
* Motives/Needs
* Perception
* Lifestyle

Figure 1.1 Black box theory of consumer buying behavior

The essence of the model is that it suggests consumers will respond in particular ways to different stimuli after they have ‘processed’ those stimuli in their minds. In more detail, the model suggest that factors to the consumers will act as a stimuli for behavior, but the consumer’s personal characteristics and decision-making process will interact with the stimuli before a particular behavioral response is generated.

Conceptual Frameworks

Figure 1.2
* Mobile marketing will continuously expand which cause individual store to loss their promotions

* Easy to achieve large scale operation or volume for traditional store because of the increase population of mobile users.


* Internal Factors that influence consumer buying behavior:

* Consumer Purchasing
Decision Pattern

Figure 1.2

This IPO model discuss about Internal Factors that influence the consumer buying behavior and the actual decision to purchase through Mobile Marketing.

Hypothesis of the Study

The Study has the following Hypothesis:

1.) There is no significant differences level of impact of the perception of mobile marketing to the interest/attitude of the consumers purchasing decision in terms of:

* Belief / Attitude
* Values
* Lifestyle
* Motives / Needs

Statement of the Problem
This study aims to identify and evaluate the impact of mobile marketing on consumers interest and attitude towards purchasing decision, and analyze the facto which influence their buying behavior. Research Question:

1. What is the demographic profile of the respondents according to: * Age
* Gender
* Educational Background...
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