The Philippine-American War

Topics: United States, Philippines, Spain Pages: 2 (451 words) Published: May 8, 2013
The Philippines
The Filipinos believed they would be granted their freedom like the Cubans were after the Spanish American War, but it turned out that they weren’t. The Filipinos were actually excluded from the peace-negotiations with Spain, and Washington made his intentions clear that they were going to remain there. American troops quickly became extremely disliked. On February 4, 1899, just two days before the U.S. Senate ratified the treaty, fighting broke out between American soldiers and Filipino’s led by Emilio Aguinaldo who wanted independence rather than a change in colonial rulers. The Philippine-American War lasted three years and resulted in the death of over 4,200 American and over 20,000 Filipino’s. As many as 200,000 Filipino civilians died from violence, famine, and disease not to mention the brutal torture they received. Americans who wanted the annexation had a variety of motivations: desire for commercial opportunities in Asia, thought that the Filipinos were incapable of self-rule, and fear that if the United States didn’t take control of the islands, another country would. Some Americans believed the annexation to be morally wrong for the United States to be engaged in colonialism, there were some who feared that the annexation might eventually give the non-white Filipinos to have a role in American national government, and then there were those who could care less but just wanted to oppose the policies of President William McKinley’s administration. The United States had plunged into war with Spain to free Cuba, but is now forced to deploy 126,000 troops to rivet shackles to people who wanted nothing more but their freedom. At first however, US troops thought they were rescuing innocent victims of Spanish tyranny, then their changed to seeing the Filipinos as dangerous enemies of the United States. The tension led to more and more violence and dislike between the Filipino’s and US, especially with the occurrences from Uncle Sam’s...
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