The Phenomenon of Hikikomori

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  • Published : December 6, 2012
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New Society’s Concern—Hikikomori

Have you ever heard about Hikikomori? It is a word suggested by a Japanese psychologist, which means the extremely introvert teenagers. They isolate themselves from the society and refuse to leave their homes. In recent years, the existence of Hikikomori becomes common in Hong Kong and they are due to 3 factors, including technology advancement, society pressure and family fondness.

First of all, people dependent on computers in their lives as the technology become advanced. They could not live without computers. They learn, they work, they entertain, and they even communicate with others by using computers. They chat with their friends by MSN, ICQ, Facebook and so on. As the face-to-face conversations, which involved not only words but some nonverbal skills, such as tone of speech, eye contact and interaction with your conversation partners, among people are reduced, the Hikikomori have rare chance to communicate with others for real. Even though they have that chance, they may not know how to get along with people as they get used to chat using texts. As time passes, they may find that they repeat this failure again and again. Then they may be afraid of it and even evade having face-to-face conversations with others. They hide themselves in their own world and not willing to open up anymore. It could be seen that technology advancement is one of the factors of the existence of Hikikomori in Hong Kong.

Besides, society pressure worsens the problem as well. Since the Hikikomori isolate them and barely communicate with others, they are deemed as strange and odd and not generally accepted by the majority. Because of their depressions, they may quit from school and stay at home to play video games from day to night. They may even become an "expert" of play video games. As they have found a fulfillment which could not be found in reality, they keep indulging in the virtual world. Meanwhile, Hong Kong is a...
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