The Phenomenon of Fleeing BSG

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  • Published : May 17, 2013
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The term paper of level 1(2012-2013)

Title: To Flee BSG

题目: 逃离北上广






Nowadays, more and more young people tend to go out of the major cities to escape the heavy living burden and to further develop themselves, which is called “To flee BSG”. The essay analyzes the phenomenon of fleeing BSG, the advantages and disadvantages of living in the major cities, the different categories of young people who choose to flee BSG, and finally make the conclusion about how to make the appropriate choice.

Key words: to flee BSG ; first-tier cities ; self--development ; make the appropriate choice







It is known to all that there are three first-tier cities in China, Beijing,Shanghai and Guangzhou, which have the most developed economy and the most chances.

This summer, we high school graduates participated in the college entrance examination. What is very interesting and even a little bit confusing is that when confronted with selecting the university, a large amount of students tend to choose the universities in the major cities like Beijing and Shanghai. Whether they make the choice after rumination is not known, but it calls off the phenomenon of many young people nowadays pouring into major cities to seek for further development and so-called bright future.

However, the reality is that many young people do not realize their dreams and suffer from huge pressure in such big cities. As a consequence, the young are forced to go out of the big cities which we call “To flee BSG”.

The topic is well worth thinking over because all of us will face such a choice one day. So I will focus on four main points,the true phenomenon of fleeing BSG, the advantages and disadvantages of staying in the big cities, the features and the characteristics of the young choosing to flee or to stay and how to make the appropriate choice ourselves.

The phenomenon of fleeing BSG

Firstly, it is very common for the young to flee major cities nowadays.

To flee BSG is a catchphrase that goes around among the young people these years. Due to escalating housing price, difficult job hunting and high pressure of survival in these cities, young people start to flee the Neverland they once had in mind. They now move to the second and third-tier cities or back to their hometowns to give respite to their youth.


Though cases are reported on the media, actually, no one knows exactly how many have left or are leaving. This is just a more and more popular trend in some of the major cities.

On the contrary, while some are leaving, still more people are pouring in. In this case, we can see that staying in the major cities have both the positive and negative aspect.

Advantages and disadvantages

Secondly, the advantages and disadvantages of staying in the first-tier cities especially for young people should be known clearly.


We can see from the graph that there are three main reasons explaining why some young people choose to flee BSG, the escalating housing price, the high pressure of survival in these cities and the bad traffic condition as well as serious pollution.

Many young people choose to flee BSG mainly because the escalating...
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