The Phantom of the Opera

Topics: Opera, Love, Aerosmith Pages: 2 (638 words) Published: December 6, 2012
The Phantom of The Opera is the story about triangle love between The Phantom, Christine Daae, and Raoul, Vicomte de Chagny. A man who is called The Phantom of The Opera lives alone beneath the opera house. His frightening face is a torment for him and he does not want people to see his face, so he always wears a mask. He had been living in that opera house for many years and he threatens the manager of the opera to run the opera as what he said. Then, the Phantom is falling in love with Christine Daae, the beautiful woman with beautiful voice. The Phantom teaches Christine to sing and Christine always thinks that he is the Angel of Music, because when Christine’s father was dead he said that he will send her the Angel of Music to guide her. The Phantom uses that story to claim himself as the Angel of Music and tries to make Christine falls in love with him, whereas Christine loves the music itself not The Phantom. She just feels sympathy for him. On the other hand, Christine had been falling in love with Raoul, her childhood sweetheart, who feels the same way with Christine. Then, Christine and Raoul get engaged and soon The Phantom knows about it. The Phantom is furious and he tries to take Christine with him. Raoul and the manager of the opera house make a plan to arrest The Phantom but it fails, on the contrary Christine was kidnapped by The Phantom and he destroys the opera. He takes Christine to his house deep beneath the opera house and asks her to marry him. Raoul tries to save Christine and he explores the opera house to find the way to the Phantom’s place. When he gets there The Phantom tries to kill him and said to Christine that he will kill Raoul if she refuses to marry him. Christine wants to save Raoul, so she will do what The Phantom said. In the end, The Phantom touched by Christine’s sincerity and he lets Raoul and Christine go.  

The stage of the opera on this movie constructs the meaning using the light, the setting/background of the stage,...
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