The Phantom Brakeman

The Phantom Brakeman
by Richard Peck

Plot summery: in the biggening of this short story we are introduced to Joey or rather we see this story from his point of you. He and his sister (Mary Allice) recently moved in with theyr grandmother they are getting used to a more humble life and taking on more chores. The only thing that reminds them of home is nehi (a carbhinated drink) ,sold only at the Coffe Pot cafe. The coffee pot cafe is owend and operated by Mrs. Cripe. she employs Vandilla a skinny pale 17 year old girl. Vandilla has a controlling mother named Endilla. Endilla oposses Vandillas relationship with Junior Stubbs. All of Juniors family also oposses theyr relationship. This story mainly revolves around a family helping a couple in need. Character Analysis:

Joe (Joey) ---13 year old boy with a kind heart. At the end of the story he dresses up as the breakmans gohst in order for Vandilla and Junior to stoe away on to the train Mary Allicee---Joeys sister, she tap dances for poise, and is a friend of Vandilla. she helps her stoe away so Vandilla can finally run away with Junior Grandma (Mrs. Dowdel)---Stubborn and set in her ways but has kind nature. She knows about Marry Allice keeping Vandilla in her house. Keeps neighboors at bay while Vandilla stayes at her house and Junior hides Vandilla Eubanks--- she is a seventeen year old girl in love with Junior and plans elope. She also has a domineering mother. Mrs. Ike Cripe---Owner of the Coffee Pot Cafe. she is a very nosy lady that kind of knows everything. Junior Stubbs---thirty year old guy in love with Vandilla Eubaks that is seventeen years old he helps run the family business his family does not want him to marry Vandilla because they dont believe she is up to his class. Ms. Merle Stubbs---She is a domineering lady who like controlling her sons life .

Miz Eubanks---Vandillas abusive mother. Has the nerve to go collect Vandillas wages at the Coffe Pot Cafe. I think this story does relate to a lot...
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