The Personal Nature of Dave Pelzer's Stories

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  • Published : April 9, 2013
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Dave Pelzer’s stories have become famous due to the personal nature of his autobiographies. David J. Pelzer was born on December 29, 1960, in California. Dave was the middle child among five from Stephen Joseph Pelzer and Catherine Roerva Christen Pelzer. His siblings, all brothers were Richard, Ron, Stan, and Kevin. After his parents divorced, Roerva stayed home and “took care” of Dave and his others. When Dave’s father moved out, that is when Roerva began blaming Dave for the family’s failures. Dave Pelzer attended Daly City Elementary, where Dave felt safe from his mother’s “games”. Later on Dave began to attend Thomas Edison Elementary. Although Dave had a very difficult life as a child, he managed to be a great parent of the two children he had with his second wife. Pelzer’s first marriage was not successful so they decided to get a divorce and that is when he was able to meet his current wife. David Pelzer’s stories are a reflection of how he was mistreated him as a child. One of Dave Pelzer’s most famous books is called A Child Called “It”. This book reveals how Dave felt about everything that was going on in his home. Dave’s goal by writing this book was to let people be aware that child abuse is actually happening and it emotionally affects a child’s future. “At school there is so much going on and in life, but then you stop and think about how other people go through this or worst every day. I worry about what clothes I’m going to wear or what I’m going to buy while others wake up in fear of getting beat again and having new physical and emotional scars ” (Craft 1). Dave’s traumatic life has led him to be able to write an amazing back with vivid details. In The Lost Boy, Dave shares how he is seeking everything that he has been lacking. Dave desperately seeks love and a real family. This is the story of his life while living in multiple foster homes. The book demonstrates how the foster homes are what maintained Pelzer alive, and how they transformed...
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