The Person I Want to Be

Topics: Virtue, Happiness, Positive psychology Pages: 2 (746 words) Published: March 31, 2013
According to Artistotle, the virtuous person is one who finds a suitable balance among their many desires and passions. Finding that happy medium is a goal I wish to accomplish through careful thought and consideration of my personal desires. I have set the primary goal of having a successful career, with a latter goal of having the ideal work- life balance when I begin a family. Referring back to Aristotle, I want to determine how to proportion my desires to find eudaimonia. At this stage in my life, my primary goal is to have a successful career. Having the desire to succeed can be fueled by the virtue of motivation. I believe I am currently embracing the happy medium, for I am very driven to do my best but not to the point of it interfering with my personal life and other hobbies. One main step in embracing motivation is to have your goal clear in your mind. I always imagine a concrete image of where I am trying to get and what the road that will get me there looks like. It’s important also to understand beforehand the potential roadblocks that can deter you from reaching your goal, and to predetermine the route that will be taken to avoid or overcome them. Another important virtue to foster in having a successful career is modesty. I take a lot of pride in my work but often find myself comparing scores with peers and feeling a sense of satisfaction when I score higher. I know that I’m leaning towards the vice of excess by being boastful at times, which is why modesty is one of the virtues I want to work on balancing as I continue my college career and my professional growth. In an accounting firm, the goal is to succeed as one and to grow as a team rather than an individual. Maintaining a strong sense of modesty is a goal I am aiming to achieve because I too often find myself concerned with how I compare to others, and I would rather support the success of everyone. Confidence and commitment are two virtues that are cornerstone to accomplishing the goals I...
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