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  • Published : April 10, 2013
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English Personal Essay

I'm Alisha Pao Demoss, a petite, hardworking, open minded and thoughtful female. I enjoy listening to r&b music, I simply can't get enough of the passionate vocals, rhymes and subtle beats. I like watching reality tv; seeing the relatable life moments that occur in reality t.v shows captivates my attention. Watching the fabulous lives of the Kardashians, Snooki and J. Wow. motivates me to be fabulous as well. The show, Ridiculousness makes me me laugh out loud at the ignorant moments of other's lives and reminds me that everyone can be a little ridiculous at times and that's what makes us human. I like relaxing at home and watching movies. My favorite movie genre is romantic comedy. Seeing the fun and humor in relationships is heartwarming to me. I also have a hate and love interest in online shopping. I don't get tired of scrolling through pages of the shiny, the colorful, the innovative and the silly uneccasarry itmes that I find and the best part of online shopping; the day the highly anticipated package arrives. The worst part; the dent it puts on my paychecks. I love reading and the "mini vacation"you get when you escape into relatable magazines and novels. Another major interest I have is writing poetry, I find the challenge of rhyming to be fun and telling stories with poetry is exciting to me.

In my last english class we read numerous short stories from various countries and time periods. As a class we would explore and discuss the cultures of the countries and compare their customs to ours.

Although I read and responded to a lot of text in my last english class ; I wasn't challenged enough as a writer. With this english class I hope to grow tremendously as a writer. I want to create passion in the thoughts that fall into my paper. I want to learn how to write a paper that will keep audiences craving for more to read. I want to learn how to write on an interesting and intellectual level and most of all I want to...
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