The Person I Adore the Most

Topics: Adolescence, High school, Education Pages: 1 (432 words) Published: May 27, 2008
Person I Admire Most – Speech One
There are two types of people on earth; those who wait for life to happen to them and those who make life happen for them. My role model and the person I look up to most, my father, comes from the latter group of people. Getting to know the person that I admire the most was a very long and hard experience, because, like most fathers to their sons, my father wasn’t very nice to me. Born and brought up in Tanzania in Africa, he came from a very poor background and was kicked out of school in grade seven because of not being able to pay school fees and after that, never attempted to go back. He worked with his father soon afterwards when he was only fourteen and managed the entire business by the age of seventeen. His teen years were very different from other teenagers. He was always given hard work to do by his father, which made him very disappointed that he was unable to continue his education. As a child, school was my worst nightmare. But my father wouldn’t let me go through what he had already experienced and although our family was very poor, he pushed me to continue my education in high school. He used to beat me and do what it takes to make sure I attended without absences. I do remember revolting back and refusing to go to school a few times because I was too ashamed that I was one of the poorest students in the class. Only when arguments started in the house because of my situation, did I realize my father wasn’t given the opportunity to complete school and under no circumstances would he allow me to fall into the same trap. When I did find out, he used to tell me his stories with tears in his eyes, with his most painful day in his life being the day the principal called his name out in assembly, beat him in front of his friends, then sent him home because his father had not paid his school fees. His dream of education was to be accomplished by me and there was no way that he would tolerate his children going through...
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