The Person I Admire

Topics: Family, Mother, The Age Pages: 2 (746 words) Published: April 21, 2013
There are so many people who have changed so many lives in my community especially to the youth, but Mandla Ndlovu was born to save the community with his uniqueness to others. He gave up his high powered job just to make sure that his community is a better place for everyone. Mandla Ndlovu was born and raised in Estcourt, he was very popular in the community their say it takes the whole village to raise a child. Everyone knew him at an early age and many parents wanted their children’s to be like him, because he was respecting and every Saturday he goes to clean the church than Sunday he goes to church. Unfortunately his mother was a drunker and he never knew who his father was. Normal he was used to look after himself and his mother when she was drunk, by the age of elven he was working in a super market part time just to make sure that he doesn’t go to bed with an empty stomach. He matriculated in 2001 and he got four distinctions, the municipality council arranged for him to further his studies in Mangosuthu University of technology .sadly his mother died when he was doing level three of his degree. In 2009 Mandla finished his law degree and he was desperate for a job, because he didn’t have much experience in the field so he was willing to do any job. His first client was his father but they both didn’t know that they are connected; luckily they won the case in court. Njabulo “Mandlas father” was more than satisfied, so he went to Mandlas home to thank him personally for job well done and to invite him to his daughter’s wedding. When he got there he saw a picture of Mandla and his mother, he asked Mandla about that women on the picture and he told him that it his late mother. Njabulo started trying and Mandla was confused; he asked what wrong, than he told him that he once dated Mandlas mother and they had a child together in 1983, the same year Mandla was born and his mother ran away with him. They found each other and they...
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