The Person Who Inspires Me

Topics: 2007 singles, Damnation, Stupidity Pages: 3 (852 words) Published: November 21, 2012
Do I Still Have Any Reason to Live?
By: darol_maranan_07
Name? Girolene Garcia. Everyone calls me Gigi. Not only because it’s my first name, but also becuse it’s what my initials spell out. 16 years of age. I guess it will end in that number. I’m about to die anyway... I shall cut myself with this razor, or maybe yet jump from the top of this establishment! Do I still have any reason to live? Everyone sees me as worthless woman of this world. They say I have never done anythind good. Depressing, isn’t it? Why should I carry this heavy burden all throughout my entire life? Living in this world is like being subjected to eternal damnation. You want to know why it turned out like this?... By looking at your baffled expressions, I can see that you desire to know about my decision in termination this life of mine. Well, Sir and Madam... please listen carefully to the story of my life. People brand me as a juvenile delinquent. I am merely a teenager. Young in both mind and body. Vulnerable to mistakes and immaturity. In my current state, I am carefree. I swim in the pool of pleasure. I rarely go to school. You could easily spot me at the nearby street at Pauntum. Smoking, singing in the videoke machine or just looking at the cute guyspassing by. Parents? Hmmm. They exist? I don’t even know that thry’re there. There was this time when I asked Mom about my science assignment.

She answered “(God) Damn it! Can’t you see I’m busy preparing for my Tong-its?!”

Yes, she was always busy with Mahjong,Tong-its. Those kinds of games... I asked Dad the same question.

He answered “ngrrrhhh Here’s ahundred bucks. Go ask your neighbor or your hot teacher ngrrrhhh!”

Father was drinking with the neighbors, as usual.
I never had the best grades in school... Still I’m in Grade 5. I never really excelled in any part. One time, I was asked by my teacher to answer a math problem.

“Ms. Garcia! Answer this: 90 divided by 10?.” My teacher told me.

I couldn’t answer. I don’t...
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