The Person Who Influenced Me Most

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  • Published : March 6, 2013
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Angelica Blue
UNIV 1101
D. Holmgreen
02 December 2012
My True Color
Dr. Taylor Hartman says, “You can never change your core color-it is yours forever! I strongly agree with this writer. Since I can remember, I was always the child that was very demanding and always wanted to take the leadership, but I was also a person who knows how to listen and do what it is asked to be done but in the best way possible. Although I am not a red, and instead I am a blue, I truly agree that blue describes me the most due to that now; I am more matured about my decisions.

When I was a little girl, at the age of 4 or 5, I have always been influenced of my father’s steps in life. He is a man who loves the sportsmanship and is strongly a red color person. I have join sports since I was 4 to 6 years of age thanks to my father. I had to follow my father’s rules as always; whatever he said had to be done. I am a blue person and as Hartman says, “the most difficult color combination within one individual is the mixture of red and blue. “ Yes! Even though I wanted to tell my father that I just did not wanted to do what he says because he was not always right, I instead listen, and did what was asked the best way possible; what a blue would do. I love sports. Maybe that is why I decided to follow his steps. For me, sports are everything, especially running. I am a strong perfectionist and when I decided to try basketball for the first time, I knew that it had to be done at its best. I always told myself that if I do not go hard on what I am doing, then why do it. I have to do the things right. As well as joining basketball, I had to join the track team. Cross Country is my dad’s second favorite sport as well as mine. He wanted for me to be his “pride” so I had to be. Even though his tasks were extremely hard for a child, I had to do it. No matter how painful and suffering it required, I was willing to take the challenge.

Now that I have a chance to have more...