The Person Who Has Influenced Me

Topics: Family, Mother, Meaning of life Pages: 1 (374 words) Published: March 5, 2013
I am sure that I can attribute some of the positive aspects of my life to my older sister Mireya. I was living in Mexico at my mother’s house with the whole family except my dad. They got split and my dad came to United States to live. Then were all responsibilities for my oldest sister and my mom. My sister Mireya had a very clear mind of what she wanted in life at a very early age. Being the oldest sister of seven and with an absence of our father, taking the control was not an easy task. I admire her hard work starting from the age of sixteen; she was an Accounting student which is very demanding. She had to work at a full time job while going to school. And she had to look over myself and my younger brothers. I really can see that my sister Mireya was a big influence in my life, and I appreciate her much more now that I am an adult. Inner harmony, spirituality and faith, for my family are the resolution of the “meaning of life”. I remember that every Sunday morning, I would get ready to go with her to church. When it came to determine what is what is important in the big picture, relationships with brothers and my mother, became the most important thing for my older sister. “When you are listening you are day dreaming”, that is what my oldest sister used to tell me. With the absence of my father, my sister had to take his role, and spent much of the time scolding and disciplining us; because of this we resented her. Discipline was her main task as the oldest sister. I remember that she left us a list of chores to take care of on Saturday morning, and then after she came back from work, she wanted everything done that she had asked us to do. She was very stricter with all of us punishing and hitting us with a belt. But I am going to remember all of her teaching and good example with all my love, because I know that she did it with all her love.
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