The Person Who Changes My Perception About Writing

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  • Published : December 9, 2010
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Alvinston anak Henry Stephen
Ms Bobbi Olsen
ENGL 150-Writing: Rhetoric
The Person who Changes My Perception about Writing
Writing is one of the medium that people use to communicate and express their ideas to other people. It has already been used since prehistoric time even though it is just through drawing but it has helped human to understand what has happened during that time and slowly after billions of years we have advanced to this globalized world that enable us to write in many different type of language and present our writing. Nowadays, through writing alone we can earn money. For example, Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling. In just a blink of an eye she became millionaire through her fiction book which has attracted people regardless their age. I learned how to write when I was in kindergarten or pre-school. That time I was around four years old. Everything is so mysterious to me because I was forced to learn a new language that is English. As for me, English is my third language. The process of learning English is really annoying and difficult as I have to memorize and understand the meaning of each word. Moreover, the grammar makes it worse. That time, my brain only can focus on playing and joking around with my childhood friends. No one would care about the importance of writing when they were still a child. That goes the same for me. Luckily at home I have my parents and elder brother that help me with any task that is given by the teacher. Each of them has their own positive impact on my writing. But the person that has the biggest influence on my writing is my English teacher when I was in my primary school.

I used to address her as Sister Wee. That is what everyone called her since she is a nun. She is a typical Chinese that have that pairs of famous small Chinese-looking eyes. She taught me English for six years since I was seven until twelve years old. Along that period of time, I have countless of unforgettable memory with her. Sister...
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